Bitzy Bumped Liner

Provide your child with The Crib Bumper Solution. The patented Bitzy Bumped Liner, with breathable 3D webbed removable inserts and a natural microfiber exterior, has 30 times less suffocation risk than the industry standard for safe sleeping. The Bitzy bumped liner offers all five critical features needed to create a safe and modern sleeping environment: cushioned, breathable, prevents, collapses and modern.

Bitzy Baby is an active member of the ASTM Infant Bedding SubCommittee and exceeds independent testing standards. Learn more about the Testing on Bitzy or Watch our Launch Story!

Did You Know? Only Crib Bumper Alternatives are exempt from Statewide bans due to their innovative breathable designs!


Announcing our new Bitzy Baby Select custom shells handmade of the finest quality in Maine