Top Q & A's

Q. What is a crib bumper?

A crib bumper is defined as infant bedding. It's traditionally made of a cotton outside and dense poly-filled inside. The traditional crib bumper attaches to the crib with a crib tie, and protects a baby against the hard-surfaced crib rails. Traditional infant bedding sets often include a dense poly-filled crib bumper. In the wake of a study published in the 2004 Journal of Pediatrics (2004; 114:1634-1639), an association was found between traditional crib bumpers and SIDs. Other re-designed crib bumpers have been created to try and answer the need for a better solution. However, newer re-designed crib bumpers each pose safety concerns of their own, which is apparent when put to use inside the infant's sleeping environment. Some newer re-designed crib bumpers are breathable but do not provide adequate protection for babies against the hard-surfaced rails. When babies shift in their crib or roll over, they can come into acute contact with the hard-surfaced crib rails. Other re-designed crib bumpers zip along the crib rails, but expose the space between the rails. This is concerning because babies are still able to insert and lodge their arms and legs, causing bruising or injury. The need for a safer crib bumper solution is still a very real problem that parents face, and the Bitzy Bumper is the Crib Bumper Solution.

Q. What is the Bitzy Bumper and how is it different than both traditional crib bumpers and newer ones on the market?
The Bitzy Bumper is a revolutionary new and innovative patented crib bumper that incorporates all the key elements required by parents to ensure superior safety for their baby. It's comprised of four breathable microfiber panels with ties that affix to crib slats like traditional crib bumpers. The difference is on the inside of the crib bumper. Breathable 3D D-shaped plastic mesh inserts fill pre-defined pockets, and are placed into the crib bumper via a hidden zipper on the back of the bumper panel. The Bitzy Bumper offers a significant and innovative advancement in safety because it offers 30 times less suffocation hazard risk than the industry low risk benchmark and has lower carbon dioxide rebreathing results than the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended crib mattress and sheet (as determined by an extensive Suffocation Hazard Assessment and Carbon dioxide Re-breathing Assessment performed by an independent testing company). The Bitzy Bumper is cushioned to protect against the impact with the hard-surfaced crib slats. It is preventative of entanglement between crib rails. It is collapsible to a climbing child. And lastly, it is current and elegant in design, with a natural breathable microfiber exterior that will allow for a world of colors and patterns.

Q. What safety tests have been performed on the Bitzy Bumper?
The Bitzy Bumper has undergone rigorous third party scientific testing by multiple world-renowned testing companies. As parents ourselves, safety is our #1 priority and you can be rest assured that the Bitzy Bumper has been tested to ensure maximum safety for your baby. The Bitzy Bumper has passed every test required for compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) regulations for crib bumpers, such as Phthalates (Section 108) and Lead testing, mandated to be conducted by third party testing and certification (Bitzy Baby has partnered with SGS). In addition, the Bitzy Bumper adhers to and has passed ASTM F1917-12 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Infant Bedding and Related Accessories testing, a voluntary standard set forth by the Infant Bedding SubCommittee of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International, a global safety organization of which Bitzy Baby is an active member. Lastly, as proved by an extensive Suffocation Hazard Assessment and CO2 Rebreathing Assessment performed by an independent global testing company, the Bitzy Bumper has been scientifically proved to have 30 times less suffocation hazard risk, and 10 times less CO2 rebreathing risk than the low risk standard for safe sleeping (a mattress and sheet), set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics (The Changing Concept of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Journal of Pediatrics 2005; 116:1245-1255).

Q. What is the size and color of the Bitzy Bumper and will it fit my baby's crib?
The Bitzy Bumper currently is available in natural white, and will allow for options with trim and tie colors in brown, green, blue, and pink. There are two 27 x 10 inch crib bumper panels for the crib ends and two 54 x 10 inch crib bumper panels for the crib sides. The crib bumper is made for standard American cribs, including those with solid ends or sides. The crib bumper is made of breathable microfiber, stitched horizontally from end to end in three 3 inch height sections, forming individual pockets 1 inch in width. This allows for a breathable 3D D-shaped plastic mesh insert to fill each pocket. The 3D plastic mesh insert’s back wall presses flat against the back of the crib bumper panel and flat against the interior of the crib slats. This faces into the crib so that the 1 inch arch forming the 3D D-shaped plastic mesh cushion protects infant’s impact against the crib slats. The crib bumper's 3D D-shaped plastic mesh insert allows the passage of CO2 when an infant’s mouth is compressed against the microfiber panel, thus enabling optimal breathability.

Q. How do you install the Bitzy Bumper?
Instillation is as easy as traditional crib bumpers.

1. Remove the 4 bumper sections from package and place them in the crib as you prepare to secure them in place. Make sure that they can be securely tied to all points. If you crib has any solid side panels do not use the bumper section on that side, as there is no way to secure it to the crib.

2. Beginning at the corner of the crib, securely tie all of the bumper ties around the slats and posts. Be sure to tie the top and the bottom ties. Make a knot with each set of ties for a steadier/safer bumper placement in your baby's crib.

NOTE: Place the 27 x 10 inch bumper panel with the flat side against the end of the crib's interior and tie the ties so that the length of the ties do not exceed six inches. Repeat for the opposite end. Place the 54 x 10 inch bumper panel with the flat side against the side of the crib's interior and tie as previously directed. Repeat for the opposite side.

3. Check to make sure the newly installed crib bumper is securely in place and will not be pulled away. Check periodically to ensure that it has not loosened.

4. Use the bumper only until your baby can pull up to a standing position. Then remove all of the bumper sections so your baby cannot use the bumper to stand on and climb out of the crib.


That's it! Within minutes, you are can provide a superior crib bumper to protect your baby.

Q. How do I wash the Bitzy Bumper?
Bitzy Bumper’s design allows families to wash it in three simple steps.
1) Remove the 3D plastic mesh inserts from the crib bumper panel via the zippers in the back, surface wipe the inserts with mild soap and water solution; rinse with clean water, and wipe dry
2) The crib bumper panels should be machine washed and tumble dried low
3) Place the 3D plastic mesh inserts back into the crib bumper panels via the hidden zippers in the back, and safely secure the traditional ties to the crib slats, as noted in above installation guide.

Q. How long should the Bitzy Bumper be in the crib?
CPSA and JPMA recommend that a crib bumper should be removed from the crib once your child can sit up unaided or can pull to a standing position.

Q. Why did you choose microfiber for the Bitzy Bumper panel, and not organic cotton?
Microfiber is an amazing and time-tested material that is both breathable and durable. In fact, choosing the best fabric was so important, that we flew half way around the world to hand select the Bitzy Bumper fabric from the world's leading producer of textiles. We are currently exploring organic fabric options and if this is something that you're interested in, please email or call us and let us know.

Q. If there's a quality issue with my Bitzy Bumper and I just purchased it, can it be replaced?
The life expectancy of the Bitzy Bumper depends on the amount of use, but we expect it to last through multiple children, which is, however, not a guarantee. What is the quality defect? Is it something that may have occurred during the manufacturing process that affects the product performance? This will become obvious shortly after ownership and we apologize if something inadvertently made it through our quality control process. Should you discover a quality defect with the Bitzy Bumper and it's within 30 days of purchase, send it back in the original packaging and once received and restocked, we will issue a refund of the purchase price, less a $19.99 restocking fee.

Q. Where is the Bitzy Bumper available for purchase?
The Bitzy Bumper will be available at select retailers in the US and also can be easily purchased at For more information, email us at