Necessary as Air

We’re a company specializing in safety because as parents, we recognize the need for a company that provides the best for our children. Being advocates for our children is not only a passion for us ~ it is what we do. The Bitzy Bumper gives parents the confidence that their children will sleep safely, which is: as necessary as the air they breathe®.

Bitzy Baby is continually developing and advocating for safety and can support you through our website, InstagramPinterestTwitter and Facebook pages. New updates, current standards, and helpful tips are everywhere and we believe in placing them into the hands of those who need them most~ families.

Safety Testing

Our company believes in rigorous independent world-renowned testing in order to ensure that when your child is put to bed, they’ll sleep safely. The Bitzy Bumper has undergone numerous CPSIA and ASTM required and voluntary tests as well as a Suffocation Hazard Assessment and Carbon Dioxide Rebreathing Assessment.

The Bitzy Bumper has passed chemical testing (lead and phthalates), flammability and mechanical hazards tests, and was determined to have 30 times less suffocation hazard risk than the industry low risk benchmark, and has lower carbon dioxide rebreathing results than the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for a safe sleeping environment. We believe in the best product quality for your child, because it’s as necessary as the air they breathe. Read more...

Safety Resources

With a company founded on the belief of making safety the top priority for children, we’d love to share other resources that support similar beliefs. The companies and sites supported by Bitzy Baby on our facebook page in no means represent all the beliefs we have as a company. Please feel free to make the best decision for you in order for your child to be safe, healthy and supported.