Product Materials

Choosing the highest quality materials is so important to Bitzy Baby, that we hand selected all materials from the world's leading producers of textiles.

The Bitzy Bumper shell consists of microfiber, which is an amazing and time-tested material that is  breathable and durable.

A variety of required and voluntary tests were completed on our shell, inserts and materials in order to achieve the safety we as parents expect for our children. Every test the Bitzy Bumper underwent successfully passed, proving that safe sleeping is not only necessary but realistic!

Some testing included: Suffocation Hazard and CO2 Rebreathing Assessments, ASTM F1917-12 (Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Infant Bedding and Related Accessories), Phthalates (CPSIA Section 108), Flammability (16 CFR 1500.44), and Lead (CPSIA Section 101(a)(2)).