Our Mission

Here at Bitzy, we're so much more than a product ~ we're on a mission. A goal that all children should rest in an environment that is as safe as possible. With children under the age of 3 sleeping from 12-16 hours a day, their environment should represent the safest place for them and until now, doesn't. We are more than a product but a company with a mission to continue revolutionizing this environment for our children.

What began as a goal for our own children after my pregnancy was diagnosed as high risk, developed into so much more. As parents, we know more than anything the desire to have our children rest in comfort. Add any medical fragilities, and you've got a natural problem-solving teacher about to create the solution. And with a husband in business, Bitzy was a natural birth for us!

Since our initial US patent, we have served for the past four years as thought-leaders on the ASTM International Infant Bedding SubCommittee, where we have partnered with industry and health organizations to enhance and create new product testing standards. In the industry, have been honored as a JPMA Innovation Award Finalist, chosen as SBA's Scale-Up America companies, chosen as an SBA InnovateHER National Representative and honored to receive incredible internship support from Blackstone Accelerates Growth & Innovate for Maine Fellow's Program.

As a young family, our company's growth has been not only by our hard work and personal investment but Maine Business Plan Competition Winners early on, MTI's grant funding throughout and the support of our successful Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo. As we look at expanding internationally and our company's over 30 Utility Patents pending, we've been awarded this summer Student Consulting from the Tufts University Graduate Program.

We're currently selling on our own website, AmazonWayfair, Houzz and Slumbersome with a focus next into the retail market. With a goal focused on safer sleeping, our innovation and voice in the industry is now joining our customer awareness, with availability beginning this year. lf you're wondering what customers have to say so far, check out our reviews on any of our product pages or Green Scene Mom's parent review featured right on their homepage!

Please join us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter & Pinterest as we share with everyone the necessity to all begin Bitzy and revolutionize safer sleeping!

With Greatest Regard,

Whitney & Seabren Reeves ~ Co-founding CEO & President