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Apr 29, 2015
Bitzy Baby is dedicated to making every infant's sleeping environment a safe one.
Bitzy Baby Bumpers

Published on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Written by Karen

Bitzy Baby is dedicated to making every infant's sleeping environment a safe one. The company was started by a mom and dad who were unsatisfied with the limited options for safe and functional baby crib bumpers. They saw problems with the crib bumpers they used for their first child and were determined to create a better, safer solution. I received a crib bumper from Bitzy Baby to review and I have been very impressed with this product!

The design of Bitzy Baby bumpers is unlike any other bumpers I've seen on the market. Traditional stuffed bumpers offer a nice cushion against crib railing but they are definitely a suffocation hazard. The newer mesh bumpers allow airflow and so reduce the risk of suffocation but they offer little to no cushioning against the hard crib rails. The Bitzy Baby bumper is the best of both without the problems of either! It cushions and allows the baby to breath while also preventing baby's arms and legs from becoming entangled in the slats.

The Bitzy Baby bumper has innovative web-pocketed 3D inserts made of a silicon like material. The holes in these inserts allow air to flow through the bumper, reducing the risk of carbon dioxide rebreathing which is thought to be a cause of SIDS. The structure these inserts give the bumper provide a cushion to protect baby from impact against the hard crib rails. The inserts can be removed from the bumper, allowing the outside shell to be easily machine washed. The inserts themselves can be simply hand washed.

I appreciate how the Bitzy Baby bumper is also designed to be collapsible to prevent more mobile babies from using the bumper as leverage to climb out of the crib, making it a safe option for older babies as well as infants.

I also really love the look of this bumper; the soft natural microfiber material matches perfectly with my baby's bedding. It is attached to the crib with natural cotton ties that I think give the crib a very sweet look. There are several color options for the trim/ties of the bumper so you can find one that best matches your baby's bedding and color theme. The bumper comes in four sections which are easy to attach and fit onto your crib. Bitzy Baby bumpers are made to fit all standard size cribs.

Bitzy Baby Crib Bumper Features:

  • Breathable: 30x less suffocation risk compared to other types of bumpers.
  • Preventive: Keeps little legs and arms from becoming entangled in crib slats.
  • Cushioned: 3D web-pocketed inserts provide cushioning against the hard crib slats.
  • Collapsable: The bumper will fold down under the weight of a child attempting to use the bumper as leverage to climb.
  • Easy to Clean: The microfiber shell is machine washable and inserts are easily wiped clean with a cloth.
  • Versatile: Neutral color of the natural microfiber material plus 4 trim-color options makes it easy to match a variety of bedding styles.

Exceeding the CPSIA and ASTM safety standards the Bitzy Baby bumper has been extensively and independently tested to ensure the safest bumper possible for your baby. Made in the USA this bumper is made of high quality materials and is built sturdy to withstand use and washings. I have been using this bumper for a few weeks now and wish I had it from the beginning! I feel confident in the safety of this product and love the look of it in my baby's nursery.

To find out more about Bitzy Baby, their bumpers and their passion for creating the safest infant sleeping environment possible check out their website.