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About Bitzy Baby

Bitzy Baby® is a juvenile safety product company with a mission to instill confidence in parents that when their baby is put to bed they'll sleep safely. Our innovative patented product solutions not only provide a significant safety advantage over competitors but also exceeds both required and voluntary testing standards. Our goal is to revolutionize and shift the paradigm of the infant's sleeping environment.

The patented Bitzy Bumped Liner offers five critical features needed to create a safe and modern solution:

  • Breathable to help reduce the risk of carbon dioxide rebreathing and suffocation - 30x less suffocation risk!
  • Cushioned to protect against the impact with the crib slats, with its innovative web-pocketed 3D inserts
  • Preventative of entanglement in-between the crib slats, with its interior crib boundary coverage
  • Collapsible to a climbing child, with traditional affixation to the crib by natural cotton ties
  • Current in design, with a natural cotton exterior that can support a variety of colors and patterns.