Brunswick couple creates product to help babies sleep safer

Aug 5, 2015
Brunswick couple creates product to help babies sleep safer

August 5, 2015-WMTW News

BRUNSWICK, Maine —A Brunswick couple has created a product allowing parents around the world to sleep sounder knowing their infant is safe.

Their invention is called the Bitzy Bumper. It is a crib bumper Seabren and Whitney Reeves said is breathable and prevents suffocation.

The Bitzy Bumper was four years in the making and officially launched in January.

"You either have breathability or you have cushion, but you never have the two together, so we were really excited to patent that idea," Whitney Reeves said.

The couple said the idea came out of protecting their son.

The idea was simple, but the solution was more challenging.

"After obviously breaking three needles, I realized I can't do it myself," Whitney Reeves said.

The Reeveses turned to the Maine Manufacturers Association for guidance.

They ultimately designed a crib cushion that prevents a baby's head, arms and legs from sticking through the crib slats, while ensuring the soft bedding would not cause suffocation.

The signature component is a specialized molded plastic insert.

"We actually had it tested by an independent organization, and we found it had 30 times, not percent, but 30 times less suffocation risk and 10 times less CO2 and breathing risk than the industry standard," Seabren Reeves said.

The couple left their previous careers to concentrate on Bitzy Baby.

They said they never dreamed of creating a business or owning patents in the United States and Japan.

"It's pretty magical when you hope something is going to turn out the way you want it to, and then it's better results than you realized. That's really awesome," Whitney Reeves said.