Challenges of Traditional Bumpers

We as parents have become more educated about the potential dangers associated with traditional crib bumpers and parents have been searching for the crib bumper and liner solution. The necessity for a safer crib alternative is imperative and families need a better solution.

What's been implicated in SIDS incidents is that when a traditional bumper, which contains dense poly-filled padding, obstructs the sleeping surface, it can become a mechanical barrier for air to enter a child's lungs. This can create an opportunity for the traditional crib bumper and the crib mattress to act as a carbon dioxide reservoir, trapping and pooling CO2. And if a child's mouth and nose is positioned in close proximity with this reservoir, the rebreathing of carbon dioxide can occur. This is summarized in a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics (2004; 114:1634-1639).

A study commissioned by JPMA in 2011 found significant methodology concerns with the 2004 study. So the crib bumper safety debate continues, as have attempted solutions. New crib liners have been developed in recent years, including mesh and wrap-around products. However, each insufficiently meets all needs required to fully protect children in their sleeping environment.

Until now, families have had to choose between a crib liner that is breathable but un-protective of crib slats, protective of crib slats but un-protective of the space in-between, or protective of crib slats but not breathable. Families should not have to make this disheartening choice in safety.The Bitzy Bumped Liner supports safer sleeping for children and is the crib bumper solution.