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Answers are something we need for almost everything when you have a child in your family. Working together to find the best answers, our Bitzy Bunch is a group of moms and dads that are in the same boat as you.

We love asking our friends questions because we can trust them but sometimes find ourselves with a child very different than theirs and don’t know what to do. Then we also turn to our pediatrician but seem to always realize there was one more question not answered as we drive away. Lastly, we turn to the open world of blogging with those we have never met to find someone to share a suggestion, tip or idea.

Our Bitzy Bunch is a way for you to have great answers from families that have a huge range of experience and knowledge. Go ahead and throw your question at us~ if we don’t know, we’ll make sure to get it for you!

We believe in sharing ideas and information that is medically safe but under no condition act as a replacement for medical care. Our Bitzy Bunch believes in the safest solution for your child and hope that we can be there for you.

Ask the Bitzy Bunch


You're a mother of? A rolling, squirming, teething baby boy

Messiest Mommy Moment~ The one (and only) time I tossed my son in the air directly after a meal...he spit up in my mouth

Five Fridge Favorites~ As a mom on the go, I need stuff I can eat with one hand. String cheese, fruit, carrot sticks, granola bars, and of course, chocolate chip cookies!

What I'm Wondering~ What it would feel like to sleep in past 6:30am

Before the Baby I...took for granted being able to blow dry my hair.

Dream Date Night~ Walking on the beach and splitting an order of pier fries.
I will never let go of...the few minutes each day that my husband and I spend recapping our day. Sometimes I am holding a fussing baby, the dog is barking, and dinner is burning, but it is some of my favorite minutes each day.

What I've learned the hard way~ Let a sleeping baby sleep! I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, and so I always held my son in my arms for naps. I would rock him and cuddle with him and really enjoyed watching him sleep. In hindsight, I should have put him in his crib (at least MOST of the time :)

I couldn't live without...the support I get from my husband, and my morning cup of coffee.



You're a mother of? A thirteen month crazy walker!

Messiest Mommy Moment~ My son had Reflux (GERD) the first six months of his life. Medicine helped with the pain but not the spitting up. We would change clothes every time I fed him-for both of us. I would feed him, barely move him and he would still proceed to throw up everything everywhere. Many a times I would lend clothes to those that came to visit because of the sheer volume.

Five Fridge Favorites~ Yogurt Smoothies, French Vanilla Creamer, Ice Cream, Pepperjack cheese, and Guacamole

What I'm Wondering~ If I will get used to sleeping through the night so that when baby number two arrives the lack of sleep will be just as difficult as my son.

Before the Baby I...would take six hours to do something that could be done in twenty minutes. Now in twenty minutes I can clean the kitchen, cook, and play games with my son.

Dream Date Night~ Mexican food followed by mini golf and ice cream.

I will never let go of...the first time I was able to hold my son. He had trouble in the beginning and when I was able to finally hold him and see that he was okay, I was able to breath and I will never let go of that connection.

What I've learned the hard way~ It doesn't matter what intentions you have before you have your child, when you actually have your child, they decide what rules. Oh, and all the advice you give other parents before you had a child comes right back to you!

I couldn't live incredibly supportive husband and beautiful son. My husband is a super dad and super husband. He has made so many sacrifices for our family and I can never thank him enough. My son has shown me what LIVING life is truly about.

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