Getting to Know Bitzy Baby

A few years ago, we began the daunting task of gift registering for our first child and found ourselves becoming experts on products we didn’t even know existed. As we focused on the safety of our child, we found a huge concern in the concept of safe sleeping, including entanglement within and impact against the crib slats.

Confused about the minimal options available for crib bumpers and with no good answers, we had to sit back and watch as our child struggled with not having the best in a bumper. Compelled to invent a solution, we looked at all the lagging features of bumpers available including entanglement, impact, leverage for climbing, suffocation and carbon dioxide rebreathing.

In the years that followed, our goal was to create more than an internationally patented product but also to establish changes in the industry's view of safe sleeping. Having an active role in the ASTM Infant Bedding Subcommitee, being a JPMA Member Company, and been recognized as a mesh alternative in state wide crib bumper bans is our first steps in doing just that. We have taken extra time to connect with industry leaders and global experts to ensure the highest quality and responsible practices while supporting local partnerships.

Today we are excited to provide The Crib Bumper Solution not only to our second child but also every family who finds themselves in this adverse situation. Children should begin their lives with safe sleeping and thanks to The Bitzy Bumped Liner, they can!

Our goal is to revolutionize and shift the paradigm of the infant's sleeping environment.

At the heart of our company, is a belief in the importance of creating local, national and global connections and friendships. We strive to provide parents the very best in safety for their children and our customers are at the core of all our decision-making. We are personally invested and work tirelessly to make the most responsible decisions.

So why the name Bitzy Baby? It's a question we often get from folks and one that we put a lot of thought into. The "Itsy Bitsy Spider" nursery rhyme references a determined spider. Also, a spider's silk web is 10 times stronger than a steel strand of the same weight, so it provides unmatched protection. Bitzy Baby encompasses all of these qualities, in order to take the traditional and making it better for greater generations.