What IS Safe Sleeping Anyway? (1 of 2)

May 01, 2016

What IS Safe Sleeping Anyway? (1 of 2)

At the very core of pregnancy, parenting, being a child once yourself is the mix of protectiveness and beauty that is indescribable though everyone experiences a part of being in this circle. It’s the motivator behind what we do so often and how our calendar is scheduled from month to month. And it’s how we all begin. Bitzy.

Our family is welcoming a new nephew to the family and there is this beautiful excitement that motivates showers, gifts and eventually new birthdays to celebrate. The entire pregnancy of my sister-in-law is mirrored in all expectant mothers as they select the products that will live with their child as they grow. The choices are focused so often on beauty and safety, from the very moment you find out someone’s expecting.

As I write this time, my husband is also joining my voice in a two part series. Bitzy began on the very foundation of a beautiful pregnancy that due to it being high risk for myself, inspired us to dig deeper than many into the world of safe sleeping. And so this is not our story we share today , but the actual facts on safe sleeping we’ve learned and now share with others.

Prior to having a family, the idea of children was just an idea. It was hinted, encouraged, wondered and planned but like everything in life, has it’s own story. As an elementary educator, children were part of every day at work and became so much a part of my life. At my very core, the focus of so much is safety and learning. And yet, it never prepares you for being a first time parent.

There is a community to your work environment that allows you to lean on each other for support. That new community that is available to parents is so foreign and yet so needed from the moment your child comes home with you. They’re your medical community, support/advice groups, informational classes, other parents you meet, and so many other new environments that you’ve never journeyed to until parenting begins.

I almost felt like I was learning a new profession. There was classes to take, new “peers” learning the same things, items to shop for that I would only need for a small window of time, and yet making life long friends along the way.

It was during this time that so many of us still were wondering what the basic definition of safe sleeping actually meant. There are an incredible amount of products out there that support this and yet there is no place or community that actually focuses on just this. Which, for Seabren and I was very confusing considering it’s so essential for the first year of every child’s life.

When we joined the industry, inspired to make a change it was so fascinating to see the business world in the children’s market. It’s like any other world with larger companies focused on customer demands, smaller companies focused on their niche market and us as parents focused on the voice of the consumer.

We ran through a series of assessments that we demanded of our own product in the same way so many consumers would want. Independent testing, manufacturing with leading experts in infant plastic products, being a thought-leader on the infant safety standards committee, having engineers analyze the design for it’s best quality, joining infant manufacturer’s associations, and so on. Our focus on our drive to create safe sleeping a possibility not just for our first product but our company’s goal to revolutionize the focus on infant sleep as a whole.

With this, Seabren and I have now launched our first product but also began sharing the core information that all families should learn as they welcome little one’s into their home. This is for their homes as well as any other caregiver including grandparents, other family members, friends and child care centers. It’s not a focus on our product so much as understanding of the incredible shifts safe sleeping has made in the last hundred years and will continue making. The realization as to WHY safe sleeping is such a confusing and increased topic.

So I’m passing the second part of our blog onto Seabren, Bitzy Baby’s cofounder, President, and active member on the ASTM Infant Bedding Subcommittee. His knowledge in safe sleeping is based on the information he has learned not only from these committees but the hours of research and focus specifically on safe sleeping.

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* Note: Products & Organizations above in no way represent nor endorse Bitzy Baby. The images are used to represent the modern safe sleep changes that are supporting healthy practices.