Welcome to Beginning Bitzy!

October 13, 2015

Welcome to Beginning Bitzy!

I read once that the way to become an expert in your field is to read over an hour a day on that subject for seven years. Another article stated that though you may read on topics, the best way to learn is by action. Today I sit in my home office staring into the eyes of my older son’s baby picture, whose now almost seven and realize how fascinating those statements really are.

We’re in our launch year of our first product at Bitzy Baby and face so many similarities with our company and our walk in parenting. Our company was founded on a struggle we faced as young parents expecting and although our adventures with both began so different, today we find ourselves in so many ways skilled in these areas.

Bitzy was our “sneaker” baby, unplanned and such a different direction that what we envisioned but such a loved part of our family.  With the birth of our child and company in tandem, like all babies, it was messy but focused. What’s our family system for diapers, how to we write a patent, do we have a plan for everyone getting sleep around here, can we design logos with your bath crayon, how do we ever find the perfect manufacturer? And like so many new parents, we began to ask experts, people with strong experience in their area.

So our days became filled with tips and tricks that solved challenges we never even knew existed before becoming a parent, like the best way to change a blowout. And for those of you who don’t know what that means, I’d advise you not to Google “blowout baby” images. I would focus on what I loved, like how to use our farm share food to make baby food and my husband would get every single wiggle out of our child’s body with some goofy game.

The nights were pretty much the same, focusing on what we loved to support our other growing “baby”. I’d dive into designing the product based on every safe sleeping article we found, writing content for our website, building our brand’s visual foundation. Seabren would dig through endless forms, research and company connections. And then, as most exhausted new parents do, we would find our perfect unwind in a rerun episode flavored with nachos.

It wasn’t until I found this quote recently that I could really answer how we juggled two children, worked full time jobs, visited with friends and family and grew in our expertise of safe sleeping. It stated “this home runs on love, laughter and cups of strong coffee.” From my first steps with coffee as a new mom, to even this very afternoon, it is only through motivation from within and the little help of beautiful cups of comfort, that we find ourselves mastering in parenting and safe sleeping.

And so it goes, we’ll always have more to learn and do but in turn, we find ourselves sharing the wonderful gifts of knowledge and experience that other’s just starting out seek to find. Thus, it’s with my love of learning and helping that I begin my adventures of sharing our wonderful world of adaptive parenting and creating a rooted, proficient brand. Welcome to Beginning Bitzy!