The Muddled Moments of March

March 25, 2016

The Muddled Moments of March

March. Just that word evokes such an incredible idea of mess and madness. It’s the one month brave enough to focus on the beauty of the next season while facing such highs and lows every day in between. And it reminds me each year of the same feelings we have with our first new born.

The spectacular anticipation to finally meet your little one is incredible and mirrored to speaking the word: Spring. There’s a sense of hope, mystery, excitement and dreams for the joyful days ahead. You picture beautiful blossoms, the warmth of the sun, the sweet songs of the birds. Cradling your unborn baby nestled in your belly or the days before you meet your new little child~ it is just as treasured. It creates a dreamy grin, glaze of joy over your eyes, and races your heart like that of a fluttering butterfly.

But that’s spring, that’s the months ahead of March, that’s the months of having a baby not a newborn, that is the times when they smile at you and everything you do is worth it. Until then, we face a time of highs and lows, mess and bravery, strength and exhaustion. A time we later forget we ever survived and yet is such an invaluable time to never forget. It was you as parents that were able to make it through and learn the amount of patience you really have.

Don’t forget your season of madness as your children grow. It’s very easy to want to forget the exhaustion of being awake every two hours for two entire weeks. To figure out so much in such a short amount of time. Things that your body, brain and spirit have never encountered and with additional children has not the same muddled moments as with your first. But forgetting means you also wash away the great strength you have inside you in the years of parenting ahead.

I’ve learned to appreciate the incredible job the month of March has. It’s an incredible time in Maine filled with days that jump between freezing temperatures and that of a warm summer night. It’s a mess of madness trying to align all the things spring needs to nourish the first blooming flowers. And that’s exactly the beauty of having a newborn. Weather you are meeting your little one for the very first time or have experienced every one of their kicks, the madness is actually quite beautiful when you step back.

Our family cherishes capturing this transition on camera in hopes of noticing the amazing changes so easily missed, in the same way we did with our first son. Look, there’s hope! Do you see the incredible changes? I hear such a difference in the sounds, the way my shoulders relax more as they feel the warmth and gain the confidence of being a mother, a father, a March Mainer.

It’s in all of us. This great strength to see the little changes. It’s in the hardest transitions and yet the feelings of uncertainty when we look back are always taking over the beautiful little treasures that show just how incredible you are at being brave facing the new.

So start capturing those moments in your pictures, those maddening messes of new beginnings that make you realize you can do it. We all begin Bitzy. We all start little and grow to something so much bigger than we ever imagined. Our children still catch us in such awe. Our journeys, ideas, friendships are from that very same time. Look back and find the beauty in your March, for it’s what made you the blossoming hope you are today.