The Birth of Bitzy ~ Guest Blog for Loohoo Dryer Balls

January 09, 2015

The Birth of Bitzy ~ Guest Blog for Loohoo Dryer Balls

When you become a parent, your expectations of what should happen never turn out how you planned. You become messier, busier, more tired and yet filled with such hope for how each new day will be. Goals in life change and yet the passion you have to create the best for your child never wavers. For us, that was the birth of Bitzy.

We were first time parents, trying to keep up on all the latest in safety statistics while still creating a comfortable environment for our little bitzy-to-be. I'll never forget the hours spent researching each product not realizing just how important it was to find the best fit for our family. That each item would be our solution to increasing the amount of everyone's sleep, relieving stress, and providing comfort for our child as they grew. That each would live with our family and be a daily part of our children's beginnings. And with this, we struggled with our options for safe sleeping.

It occurred to us, under the harsh neon lights of the bedding section, that there was no quality solution for the most essential area our child would be in for their first year.

Looking at each other, we realized there had to be something better and being problem-solvers, we would search high and low. Bitzy transformed into something so much bigger than we first intended. Starting with the needs of our family for a crib bumper, we heard from others how much they also were seeking a solution and felt compelled to launch Bitzy into what it is today. Safe sleeping is not only something we believe, it is something we are working to make available for all infants. Joining ASTM International Infant Bedding SubCommittee and JPMA, our goal is to revolutionize the concept and understanding for everyone about what actually is the safest environment for our children.

We believe in working with others at every turn, and find ourselves often connecting with other parent-made companies with similar beliefs of making the change in products that only cover some of the needs rather than all. This also means our standards are above product requirements, providing them with the best in quality and safety.

Join us in our mission and be the paradigm shift in safe sleeping because we all begin Bitzy.