The Best Gifts to Be Given

November 09, 2015

The Best Gifts to Be Given

Prepping for a recent expo, I realized how much I dislike tucking some of our best memories away. There has to be more creative ways to walk down memory lane than storing items in buckets, computer albums and folders that you happen to run into while searching for something you need. I’d like to start running into great memories more and have realized that our homes need this addition as much as we do.

My journey began with the oversized check behind my bed, a keepsake that launched our idea into a company, a memory tucked away. It's from Maine's statewide business plan competition and funded our website, samples, independent testing and initial patent. It’s the type of item that will probably never end up on a wall however is such a symbol of the birth of Bitzy. This sparked my new hope: that this check would become lonelier as I our home with more pictures and treasured children's artwork.

We raise our boys with the focus on needs verses wants a lot to encourage humble appreciation for the basics in life, but I’m realizing another basic is the need to remember the best gifts we’re given: memories. Those memories that change our lives to become more ourselves, to become “real” as the Velveteen Rabbit learns. And yet those memories are usually companioned with a special object that unfortunately settles somewhere out of sight.

I began noticing that the spots taking up my walls and shelves were only the classic milestones and not the many moments I treasure.  Whether it be the oversized sand dollar that represents our wedding or a collection of children’s picture books I'll never be able to part with from teaching, the objects we decide to keep out should bring us joyful smiles every day.

Like most of us, I had a billion ideas to create cute crafts for displaying but they usually are complex, requiring multiple trips to the hardware or craft store and are focused on a specific memory. Instead, I'm going to cut my long list and focus on simple but effective.

And so, framed family pictures specific to each month have just started to pop up around the rooms as additional “decorations”, cute collection jars with such things as great business connections are found on shelves, and “yearbooks” of each child and their artwork are snuggled with our books.

For me, what matters most is people and so I’d like to turn every corner with a smile of love for such moments. The memories that inspire, encourage, and support us and in turn make us who we are. There is such a need in our homes to have them bursting with what matters most to you from the moment you walk in.

And so, as the holidays approach, what better gift to give than the gift of memories. Whether it be a basket of beautiful jars that can hold great treasured moments, frames for each season just awaiting that favorite focus or gift cards for an online book to be filled with a years worth of artwork or faces!  Enjoy giving gifts this season that truly keep giving the best of what we have: Memories!