Safer by Committee

September 01, 2016

Safer by Committee

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association’s (JPMA) September Baby Safety Month is right around the corner! To help spread the messages of safe infant sleeping, we’d love to share with you how Bitzy has partnered with others to create safer sleeping environments, through the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Infant Bedding SubCommittee and JPMA partnership.

First, you’re wondering what is ASTM? It’s a 100 year old product testing and standards organization, broken into hundreds of volunteer-based subcommittees, focused on specific product categories. Within the Juvenile Industry, there are dozens, including the one we’ve supported for 5 years: F1917 Infant Bedding. This subcommittee is made up of over 100 volunteer leaders and executives from public and private companies within the juvenile industry, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), Health Canada, and non-profit organizations. Our single mission has been to create safer infant sleeping environments, by enhancing this standard (ASTM F1917).

Now you’re wondering, what’s in the ASTM F1917 standard and why is it important? This standard includes safety performance specifications, test methods, labeling, and requirements for infant bedding and related accessories. This has been written and revised based on current state-of-the-art softgoods technology and knowledge. It’s very important because when a juvenile product has independent lab testing for this standard, passing certifies that it has complied with its protocols. Some of these include: crib bumper/liner thickness limitation of 2” or less to eliminate “pillow-like” bumpers and reduce the risk of trapping CO2, crib bumper/liner tie length limitation of 9” or less to reduce the risk of asphyxiation, and labeling to inform of proper installation to reduce the risk of misuse.

So how has Bitzy helped advance safer infant sleeping via ASTM? Most recently over the past year, we’ve lead a task group of about 20 people within the subcommittee to review and update the standard. Some of these include: adding crib liners (e.g. mesh) in the standard, updating terminology to reflect currently available infant sleeping products, and enhancing language on how labels are to be affixed so they’re most likely to be read and followed. These important changes are currently being voted upon, and once approved, will be incorporated into the standard this fall (2016). The ballot is pasted below.

Further revising and enhancing the ASTM Infant Bedding standard this fall is timely since September is JPMA’s annual Baby Safety Month. This year’s campaign will focus on educating consumers on product registration forms and processes. With each Bitzy Bumped Liner, comes a product registration card, which we developed and manage in partnership with (@Bawte). This allows us to help keep parents and caregivers informed of the latest news and information related to our company and product. It allows us to connect personally, and that is so important to us! Our registration card is pasted below.

We’re so honored to partner with both ASTM and JPMA to help create safer infant sleeping environments. Please join us this September during Baby Safety Month to spread this important message.

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