Glance Back Every Year

January 27, 2016

Glance Back Every Year

There is nothing like the feeling of January in our home. It’s such an odd mix of settling down for the Maine winter and yet exploring all the adventures to plan during the warmer days of spring, summer and fall. Like all New Year’s traditionalists, a list starts growing of new To-dos and areas to focus on. What we forget to realize though, is how important it is to have our first list be how much was accomplished in the year gone by.

It’s absolutely tragic really. We celebrate as the ball drops, the fresh beginnings and best moments you hope to enjoy without any glance back. So today, I’d like to begin doing just that.

Capturing moments on my phone means I can easily relive my year’s beautiful mix of family, friends, Bitzy and beyond. Walking into last year’s first two months, there is already so many things that have changed my perspective and my goals going into this year. My New Year’s resolutions  are the very blossoms of last year’s seeds.

I dig into January & February of last year and find:

  • Bitzy’s launch year in the market after extensive research into what actually is a safe sleeping environment
  • Honoring Rare Genes Day for my family
  • Creating my first DIY stuffies
  • Our first product giveaway
  • Our first nursery photo shoot with local Maine entrepreneurs
  • Listing on Bitzy Baby, Amazon, Houzz & Slumbersome
  • Attending our first Scale Up Portland event
  • Visiting our New England warehouse
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Getting bunk beds for my boys!

So what does this mean? Bitzy is the face of a Rare family inspired by a high risk pregnancy to make a difference for our next generation, we advocate for changing safe sleeping from the very core of safety regulations, support local entrepreneurs and recognize we can learn from each other, there’s always a craft project I’m itching to finish, and we never know what will come next in our life Beginning Bitzy.

Enough about us, now it’s your turn! I challenge you this month to make your own list of last year’s adventures before you solidify this year’s resolutions. Zip through those pictures and posts, taking notes on what inspired you to change or rooted you in traditions you love! There is nothing like beginning a New Year with fresh beginnings but don't ever forget to remember where those resolutions came from! Happy 2016!