Dawning Light on Sleepless Nights

June 30, 2016

Dawning Light on Sleepless Nights

There are basic words that can absolutely change us. Whether it be the news on social media or that from a caregiver, the affects may change our entire perspective and plans. In either case, we have the ultimate ability to don ourselves in a new direction with each new sunrise, stepping forward into a new light.

This month has been a beautiful lesson for our family of that very gift and brings us so much more reflection on the days of our many newfound parental experiences. From the confirmation of our pregnancy to the diagnosis of our children’s rare syndrome, there’s the incredible gift everyday for donning new direction. And for our passion in safe sleeping, each conversation with infant parents allows us to reflect on why we continue bringing light to understanding it’s definition. 

Safe Sleep is simple, basic but right now it’s definition is as confusing as a medical diagnosis or tragic event. Every event or case is different and complex but unfortunately the same is true for each new life’s sleeping environment . We joined ASTM for the very reason of understanding the core of WHY rather than simply what we believed. It dawned on us how little the nearly 4 million new parents each year in the US are aware of such a necessary and incredible part of an infant’s livelihood, us included. 

Moreover, like so many basic words, the simple send off from the maternity ward shifted our life’s direction to that of our children’s future. The introduction to safety standard meetings, revolutionized our understanding of an industry only now building a framework for what the sleep interior for infants should look like. And for us all, with each dawn, our perspective should renew with purposes bigger than ourselves. 

We are Bitzy, yes but we can don each day with direction. Slowing down to notice the heart beat in your little one’s chest, the rhythm of your breath as you hold a sleeping infant, the welcomed comfort of a warm coffee in the early hours of a day ~ it’s the very gift of shifting perspective and dawning a new day. 

With light and newfound direction, we all gain from each other. We fill each other’s lives, open up new possibilities, and make new opportunities for invaluable purpose. Shadows of misdirection and confusion can so easily misdirect us unfortunately. It’s those dark nights with an infant craving comfort in their parents arms that break even the most stedfast plans of what safe sleeping is or the third trimester expectant mother that is uneasy with the upcoming birth yet follows a plan rather than the changes her body and baby may need. 

Slowing down to reignite  in the dawn provides us with an opportunity 365 days a year, and with each one, the chance to support our future as well as others. Here at Bitzy, our hearts are to create not just a safe sleeping option for the crib environment but an understanding of what to do when you are in the wee hours running out of options for comforting your restless infant. Our hope is to make sense of those times as well, and bring light to new opportunities. 

We’ve had so much fun in the past sharing moments of Maine’s beautiful purple dawn and dusk with a mission to advocate for World Prematurity Day. Shared our lives with you through our passion to support the many Rare Genes including infant’s #1 genetic killer, SMA. Made it our mission to share the incredible resources Count The Kicks has provided for mom’s to support the healthiest third trimester. And now we’re turning to you with our biggest passion of all, safe sleep. What would you like to see, hear, what do you need? 

Join us in sharing on our Instagram the best tips, pictures and support you can as we make safe sleeping second nature. Where we make our community one that has an incredible amount of options for ways to support our restless infant and exhausted parents. Our children are strongest when we come together, supporting our future and acknowledging how amazing we can be when we have the resources. 

Let’s dawn a new light on safe sleeping as parents for we should know it better than anyone. Begin your nights not only with a plan, but a direction, portfolio of options before the night falls and start every morning with hope that every new life has as much support as they can. Bitzy by Bitzy, we can make a difference in our nation’s future through our little one’s first days, weeks and months.